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Why Jewell?

Many often question why my art is signed with the name "Jewell" and not Savannah. People sometimes joke that I have created some sort of 80's inspired pen name for myself, when in fact my middle name is Jewell.

My life has been on the right brained path for as long as I can remember. I have always gathered creative inspiration... whether I was painting rainbows on my cassette tape boombox (because black was boring), making hats and purses out of newspaper and magazines, or designing clay scarfs for my clay snowman figurines I made with my grandmother. Somewhere along the way my grandmother suggested I try signing my middle name on the bottom of the clay sculptures.

I don't remember exactly how old I was when I began to sign all of my artwork with "Jewell," but I know my grandmother inspired the idea. With a simple beginning, the name has stuck with me for some time, (as my family lovingly refers to me as Jewell.)

The name Jewell is a special name. A name I seem to identify with when I feel most in touch with myself and my creative roots. My most favorite part of putting the finishing touches on each of my paintings, is to sign my signature, Jewell.


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