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New *mini* Collection Release!

“As we will see, creative observation is a skill that requires balance of paying attention to the world around us and tuning in to our own inner landscape - a balance of mindfulness; a focused, non-judgemental awareness of the present moment; and a mind wandering.” - Wired to Create

The people have spoken and the time has come! September 10th at 10am my collection of *mini abstract landscapes on wood framed in maple floater frames will be released. The sizes will be mostly 6x6 with a few 8x8 and 6x12 pieces available as well.

I’m thrilled! My last show was in a gorgeous space. ((Shout out to the Medicine Factory its amazing beauty)). My work certainly stretched into the space and painting on a large scale was wildly liberating for me knowing that any piece I conceptualized would find a home on fabulously large and airy walls.

I made sure to include a charming gallery wall of small works in a reasonable size and price point but there can never be enough *reasonably priced little loves to go around! :) I value all the feedback you loving folks are kind enough to share. As a result I now have a sweet mini collection releasing September 10th.

This mini collection will be all in the form of abstract landscape because it allows me to experiment with texture, style and palette. I invite the viewer to relax into a long car ride or train trip and watch the terrain shift from lush forest to rolling grassland hills, to desert, to feel the powerful weight of a sunset after a rainstorm…

Enjoy some of the songs I’ve had on repeat while creating this collection:

Bamboo - Elder Island

Stumble - Kraak & Smaak

Feel Your Weight - Rhye

Knee-Deep in the North Sea - Portico Quartet

Akanamali - Sun - El Musician, Samthing Soweto


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