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Road To Studio

My painting inspiration is profoundly influenced by my love of travel and allowing myself to freely embrace fresh and full sensory experiences in new places.

Not many experiences match summiting Mt. Fuji in the wee hours of the morning (*with the baddest babe and most legendary travel buddy) and shivering so violently (in my clearly underprepared clothing choices which was only the entire contents of my backpack because... spontaneity, right?) I could barely steady my hands to place my Japanese yen coins into a vending machine dispensing overpriced hot chocolate... BUT I will surely tell my grandchildren about that all-night, 15 hour hike and the unbelievable sunrise view from the top of that famous volcano ...

...Not many experiences match feeling completely out of breath rock climbing in the humid heat of a Thai jungle in worthless sandals... I remember thinking if I could just get to a flat space enough to sit and breathe for a moment in time I would survive to see this mysteriously promised breathtaking waterfall with ocean/jungle tree top views ... I won't soon forget dropping all my weight on the first flat rock I climbed to - only to glance down to my left and see NOT ONLY an overwhelming amount of red fire ants the size of *large* finger nail clippings, BUT ALSO one of those fat and gigantic hairy worm situations (undulating in that creepily slow manner that they move). I wasn't sure if it was a centipede or a millipede, but I'm certain that if I gave it the chance to (bite/stab/puncture/murder) me with that horn on it's hind end, IT WOULD.

... Not many experiences match spending 72 inspiring hours in a cozy little workshop turned cabin on the San Juan islands (off the coast of Washington). The perfect nook was filled with years and years worth of collections of found objects ... shells feathers and interesting whale decorations. One of my most favorite soul friends was there living her dreams conducting orca research at the Center for Whale Research. Embracing the damp air of fall in the San Juan's was the last adventure that I took right before starting my fresh big girl job a few months back. Consequently, my time spent apple picking and hiking came to represent a place that inspired my most recent painting series of bad babes embracing the beauty of the pacific northwest. Sometimes I feel that people just need a tiny nudge to be reminded to wholly pursue what sets their hearts free and on fire and I hope that if you've read this far, you feel just that.

All of the small oil paintings inspired by my pacific northwest travels are available for purchase in my website shop - and as always, I'm grateful for the endless support and adventure fuel that you guys provide!


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