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Spring Shows Commence!

Close your eyes and climb into an imaginative headspace with me... Can your hear Pink Martini softly in the background while imagining yourself getting lost in a sensory oasis of a plant nursery....? Complete with the gentle sound of fountains, and incredible visuals, my last show took place at Millstone Market's Spring Open House. Such a blissful corner of the world to exist for a day!

Millstone is a fantastic locally owned plant nursery (for all my Memphis people to check out and enjoy!) My latest spring painting series, which are beautiful little watercolor and ink botanicals blended seamlessly at Millstone, and I had a blast hanging out and sharing them. There are still several wonderful pieces available for sale, so swing by! My fabulous photographer friend, Ziggy Mac even stopped by to snag a few fantastic photos. Thanks so much to all who are supporting my artistic endeavors!


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