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Pick that brush up everyday

I recently accepted a personal challenge to pick up my brush every day. After emerging from a period of immense growth I felt a longing to continue to cultivate myself as an artist.

As a hobbyist painter, the insanity of daily life seems to often overshadow my love and need to paint. I know for a fact that I was created by my Creator to pursue creative outlets. For this, I physically need the emotional release that the painting process provides. (I usually joke that it plays the role of cheap therapy.)

For me, putting paint to canvas is an escape. A chance to melt into a mindset where I am free to dream up new possibilities and opportunities. A chance to give other people fresh perspectives with which to view the world.

Picking up my brush (almost) everyday has allowed me to observe tangible growth and development within my own style of manipulating paint. (I have been on a big floral inspired kick lately, and the photo shown above is my rendering of a dear friend's bridal bouquet I recently gifted her.)

The 'picking up my brush each day' game will now be taking a month-long pause to travel and seek out fresh inspiration in Western and Southern Europe. I'll be sure to continue sketching, and I'm thrilled to translate my inspiration to future works for you to enjoy!


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