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Keep South Africa Farming

South Africa is experiencing one of the worst droughts in recent decades, and already 5 of the 9 South African provinces have been declared disaster areas due to the extreme conditions.

Unfortunately farmers and the animals on farms are suffering the most. The livestock industry has taken a big hit, and as a result all natural grazing has been depleted, leaving animals with no food to eat. Many farmers have had to slaughter entire herds of animals that they have built up over a lifetime or simply leave the cows to die of hunger.

You can help a farming community, and food security in South Africa by saving a cow. Because South African commercial farmers do not receive state support in the form of subsides, it will cost a farmer $80 to feed a cow for one month in order to keep it alive until the rain comes and the veldt has had time to recover.

The proceeds from your purchase of a "Picante II" cow art print will go directly to the farmers in a town called Verkeerdevlei. It is situated 80km outside of Bloemfontein with a farming community made of up 35 commercial farmers. Thank you for your support in the efforts to keep South Africa farming. For more information, contact with any questions you may have.


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