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Featured Artist at Local Mississippi Boutique

The idea began like most ideas... two dreamers... walking and talking and throwing out endless ideas. Mostly pecking near or around bright ideas, and not hitting them... but pitching ideas nonetheless.

The day after I moved to New York, my former boss, and wildly successful owner of L.A. Green Boutique was in town visiting for market. Out of her refusal to take the subway, we walked what felt like 2 miles to meet up with another friend for dinner.

She had just moved her store to a bigger space and while walking and dreaming up beautiful possibilities for her store, I casually suggested she seasonally feature local artists to bring a fresh, more cultured edge to an already fabulous shop.

Fast forward several months, and I was thrilled to get a phone call from her asking which season I wanted my art featured. In my disbelief I questioned, are you sure my work is interesting enough for something like that? I mean... I had in my mind... like... actual artists...

The past year for me has been filled with immense self discovery surrounding my art and defining my self-identity as an artist. I am grateful for a type of expression so beautiful that has always been a part of the way I view the world... but growing into that, and truly claiming it has been quite the bumpy ride of complete doubt and complete confidence pin-balling its unpredictable route... such is life, am I right?

I never realized how vulnerable I would feel last week delivering 30 some odd paintings. I felt like I was dropping my kid off at preschool for the first time, blowing them kisses and begging them to behave...

All in all, I feel extremely blessed to have a wonderful opportunity to share my craft, and my gift that has fueled my depths so much, with so many.

- I am forever grateful to the same 3.5 people that always have a commission project in mind for me when I return home from my adventures traveling.

-I'm forever grateful to Lauren Ann for believing in me, giving a platform to share the love, and allowing me to be the featured artist this winter at L.A. Green.

Thank you, for your encouragement and unending support!


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