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Calendar Love

Travel, and my sense of adventure are a huge part of me, and in turn my creative process. I am continually inspired by the cities I am privileged to explore. Travel is something that I truly feel brings people together in a special way.

There's nothing like hearing stories of a friend's latest adventure and seeing the joy through their journey of self discovery blossom while being challenged in fresh and unexpected ways. There's nothing like when you establish a mutual connection with a new person who knows what your favorite places smell and sound like.

In light of making beautiful connections over wonderful travel memories, I have created a 2017 calendar featuring my watercolor sketches of 12 of my favorite cities I visited (mostly) this past year. Selecting just 12 was difficult, but I tried to pick 12 most world travelers have probably seen with their eyes and feel a pull towards. I also hope to inspire people who say that they would love to travel the world, but always seem to find the perfect excuse. Life happens. If you wait until there is enough __, __, & __, there will simply never be enough __, __, & __.

Why so late, why didn't you have it finished in time for 2016? Or why so early, you know 2017 is a year away, right? Why yes, I do. Sometimes when the inspiration comes you make it and you share it, and that's exactly where I'm at. So snag one for you, and a friend, and hang onto it for an upcoming birthday or future holiday gift! Each print is designed so that the calendar portion can be cut off leaving you with a beautiful miniature piece of artwork! Each of the months look fabulous in a 5x7 frame on your desk or dresser.

I hope each month brings as much joy to you as I experienced creating them! Originals are water color and pen, and are now available in my online shop for $17.


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