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"Barn Living is the Life For Me!"

I have wonderful memories of climbing on the hay bails in my grandfather's barn in his front pasture. I remember thinking how amazing it was that my brothers and I could climb to the top of several stacked up hay bails and swing from the rafters of the barn, or look over into the chicken coop. I have memories of laying in the hay in the barn playing with two-day old kittens and continually pulling their little razor sharp claws out of my shirt.

Some of my most intense childhood memories involve my grandparent's farm in south Mississippi. Memories of feeling free and relaxed on summer evenings riding in the back of the green truck with wet hair from swimming in the creek. Memories of feeling scared and adventurous (my brothers and I made a perfect Lewis, Clark and Sacagawea trio exploring the woods). Memories of feeling satisfied, coming in the house from shooting hoops or bb guns outside and my grandmother had hot peas and corn on the stove fresh out the garden, (if not from the day then certainly the week of.)

I am kicking off my winter painting series with this oil painting of my grandfather feeding his cows that I am gifting him for Christmas (as I have drawn his name for the 2nd year in a row!)

My upcoming series as a whole will be mostly focused on barns and pastoral scenes. The catch is, I want to paint places that exist beyond google images. I want to paint places that have invigorated, enlivened, and loved my people well. As I have access to a limited number of barns for inspiration, this is where YOU come in! =] feel free to send me photos of your barns and farms ( and if I paint from your photos, you'll get the first shot at purchasing the piece, and I'll send you a print!


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