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Thanks for visiting my website. No. really, thank you!

This little space has been a work in the making for quite some time, and is a big step for me finding comfort in sharing my art. It's difficult to allow myself to succumb to the vulnerability it takes to see projects like this through. Sometimes I struggle seeing my visions to the end. I'm an artist, after all and my brain jumps on these inspiration surges that bulldoze all my other thoughts (and occasionally my to-do lists) to the point the I feel I can't keep up with my ideas!

Getting to this point sharing my art has been a journey in itself, but I'm excited to continue to share what is happening with my brushes. Also, I hope to give insight to my inspiration and observations. I love allowing my travels to seep into my paintings, and I have some wonderfully exciting adventures on the horizon. Keep trekking for news, joys, and fresh inspiration! Thank you for your unending encouragement that has made this particular start to my art journey possible.


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