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Être Magazine Feature

Updated: May 13, 2021

I have always had a love for art, and for as long as I can remember a love for fashion as well. The two have a seamless flow considering so many elements of fashion thrive on creativity. A huge window exists for finding creativity in your own sense of style and self-expression, and as a result much of my art making process resembles a fashion focused mindset. I often think of my paintings in collections for each season, and begin working at least 1, sometimes 2 seasons ahead for my new pieces. I also love the idea of a collection reveal at the start of a fresh season.

Throughout my college years I invested my time into MSU's Fashion Board. Fashion Board is an incredible organization that provides over 200 talented students the opportunity to combine their modeling, makeup, hair, backstage, and photography talents to produce 4 large scale fashion shows a year. This year Fashion Board started a fantastic publication highlighting some truly impressive people, and I'm thrilled that my art landed a feature! Starkville, MS, be on the lookout to pick up your own copy of Être.

Enjoy! xoxo

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