road to studio

My painting inspiration is profoundly influenced by my love of travel and allowing myself to freely embrace fresh and full sensory experiences in new places. 

Not many experiences match summiting Mt. Fuji in the wee hours of the morning (*with the baddest babe and most legendary travel buddy) and shivering so violently (in my clearly underprepared clothing choices which was only the entire contents of my backpack because... spontaneity, right?) I could barely steady my hands to place my Japanese yen coins into a vending machine dispensing overpriced hot chocolate... BUT I will surely tell my grandchildren about that all-night, 15 hour hike and the unbelievable sunrise view from the top of that famous volcano ...

...Not many experiences match feeling completely out of breath rock climbing in the humid heat of a Thai jungle in worthless sandals... I remember thinking if I could just get to a flat space enough to sit and breathe for a moment in time I would survive to see this mysteriously promised breathtaking waterfall with ocean/jungle tree top views ... I won't soon forget dropping all my weight on the first flat rock I climbed to -  only to glance down to my left and see NOT ONLY an overwhelming amount of red fire ants the size of *large* finger nail clippings, BUT ALSO one of those fat and gigantic hairy worm situations (undulating in that creepily slow manner that they move). I wasn't sure if it was a centipede or a millipede, but I'm certain that if I gave it the chance to (bite/stab/puncture/murder) me with that horn on it's hind end, IT WOULD.

... Not many experiences match spending 72 inspiring hours in a cozy little workshop turned cabin on the San Juan islands (off the coast of Washington). The perfect nook was filled with years and years worth of collections of found objects ... shells feathers and interesting whale decorations. One of my most favorite soul friends was there living her dreams conducting orca research at the Center for Whale Research. Embracing the damp air of fall in the San Juan's was the last adventure that I took right before starting my fresh big girl job a few months back. Consequently, my time spent apple picking and hiking came to represent a place that inspired my most recent painting series of bad babes embracing the beauty of the pacific northwest. Sometimes I feel that people just need a tiny nudge to be reminded to wholly pursue what sets their hearts free and on fire and I hope that if you've read this far, you feel just that.

All of the small oil paintings inspired by my pacific northwest travels are available for purchase in my website shop - and as always, I'm grateful for the endless support and adventure fuel that you guys provide!

Être Magazine Feature

I have always had a love for art, and for as long as I can remember a love for fashion as well. The two have a seamless flow considering so many elements of fashion thrive on creativity. A huge window exists for finding creativity in your own sense of style and self-expression, and as a result much of my art making process resembles a fashion focused mindset. I often think of my paintings in collections for each season, and begin working at least 1, sometimes 2 seasons ahead for my new pieces. I also love the idea of a collection reveal at the start of a fresh season. 

Throughout my college years I invested my time into MSU's Fashion Board. Fashion Board is an incredible organization that provides over 200 talented students the opportunity to combine their modeling, makeup, hair, backstage, and photography talents to produce 4 large scale fashion shows a year. This year Fashion Board started a fantastic publication highlighting some truly impressive people, and I'm thrilled that my art landed a feature! Starkville, MS, be on the lookout to pick up your own copy of Être. 

Enjoy! xoxo


Thank you, Starkville, MS!

Starkville, you guys were a blast! I can't thank you enough for loving me so well at the Cotton District Arts Festival. I had a wonderful time getting to know some of you. I love hearing your encouragement, that you are keeping up with @savannahjewellart social media efforts, and have purchased art from my website. Thanks for being so awesome, and for supporting your local(ish-now) makers!

Your support in every purchase of each piece of my art is helping me pursue my dreams, funding my desire to help feed and save a friend's drought-stricken livestock in South Africa, AND supporting bone cancer research in children. These are just a few of the recent causes I have donated art for art auctions, or am sending along funds raised from the sell of specific pieces. THANK YOU! xoxox

Spring Shows Commence!

Close your eyes and climb into an imaginative headspace with me... Can your hear Pink Martini softly in the background while imagining yourself getting lost in a sensory oasis of a plant nursery....? Complete with the gentle sound of fountains, and incredible visuals, my last show took place at Millstone Market's Spring Open House. Such a blissful corner of the world to exist for a day!

Millstone is a fantastic locally owned plant nursery (for all my Memphis people to check out and enjoy!) My latest spring painting series, which are beautiful little watercolor and ink botanicals blended seamlessly at Millstone, and I had a blast hanging out and sharing them. There are still several wonderful pieces available for sale, so swing by! My fabulous photographer friend, Ziggy Mac even stopped by to snag a few fantastic photos. Thanks so much to all who are supporting my artistic endeavors! 

Pineapple Party!

I have crafted my mini pineapple series with watercolor and ink on paper through inspiration from a good friend who rocks the hospitality scene. Did you know pineapples are an old symbol of hospitality? Have a peek into more history with this story by below, and order up one of my cheery original watercolor pineapples!

"Today, pineapples are seen as a welcoming motif — their depictions serve as door knockers, bookends, and tchotchkes, and they almost always come in a hotel gift basket. The pineapple is a symbol of hospitality and luxury, inspired by its historical rarity.

There are several histories recorded regarding the pineapple as a symbol of status, the most popular being that of Christopher Columbus. According to historical document, Christopher Columbus discovered the pineapple on his second trip to the Caribbean (most specifically Guadeloupe) in 1493. Preferring the sweet taste of the pineapple and several other tropical island fruits to cannibalism, Columbus and his men embraced the fruit. They returned to Europe, where the pineapples became a symbol of great wealth, as European gardeners were not able to grow the fruits in the correct conditions until well into the 1600s (first recorded in the Duchess of Cleveland's hot house in 1642). Honored and distinguished guests were gifted the extremely fashionable pineapples by royalty.

The Colonial pineapple trade in the late 1600s and early 1700s solidified the pineapple as a status symbol. Pineapples were not only expensive, they were fragile! The sea voyage from the Caribbean to the colonies rotted most of the fruit during the hot and humid voyage. Hostesses scrambled to have the expensive, prickly fruit adorning their tables, and the trend grew. Pineapples have graced tables ever since — even continuing through the 1950s in America, where pineapple upside-down cakes and gelatin molds abounded. Their popularity eventually gave life to the host of architectural or ornamental pieces that you see today (i.e. door knockers)."

Calendar Love

Travel, and my sense of adventure are a huge part of me, and in turn my creative process. I am continually inspired by the cities I am privileged to explore. Travel is something that I truly feel brings people together in a special way.

There's nothing like hearing stories of a friend's latest adventure and seeing the joy through their journey of self discovery blossom while being challenged in fresh and unexpected ways. There's nothing like when you establish a mutual connection with a new person who knows what your favorite places smell and sound like. 

In light of making beautiful connections over wonderful travel memories, I have created a 2017 calendar featuring my watercolor sketches of 12 of my favorite cities I visited (mostly) this past year. Selecting just 12 was difficult, but I tried to pick 12 most world travelers have probably seen with their eyes and feel a pull towards. I also hope to inspire people who say that they would love to travel the world, but always seem to find the perfect excuse. Life happens. If you wait until there is enough __, __, & __, there will simply never be enough __, __, & __.

Why so late, why didn't you have it finished in time for 2016? Or why so early, you know 2017 is a year away, right? Why yes, I do. Sometimes when the inspiration comes you make it and you share it, and that's exactly where I'm at. So snag one for you, and a friend, and hang onto it for an upcoming birthday or future holiday gift! Each print is designed so that the calendar portion can be cut off leaving you with a beautiful miniature piece of artwork! Each of the months look fabulous in a 5x7 frame on your desk or dresser. 

I hope each month brings as much joy to you as I experienced creating them! Originals are water color and pen, and are now available in my online shop for $17. 

"Barn Living is the Life For Me!"

I have wonderful memories of climbing on the hay bails in my grandfather's barn in his front pasture. I remember thinking how amazing it was that my brothers and I could climb to the top of several stacked up hay bails and swing from the rafters of the barn, or look over into the chicken coop. I have memories of laying in the hay in the barn playing with two-day old kittens and continually pulling their little razor sharp claws out of my shirt.

Some of my most intense childhood memories involve my grandparent's farm in south Mississippi. Memories of feeling free and relaxed on summer evenings riding in the back of the green truck with wet hair from swimming in the creek. Memories of feeling scared and adventurous (my brothers and I made a perfect Lewis, Clark and Sacagawea trio exploring the woods). Memories of feeling satisfied, coming in the house from shooting hoops or bb guns outside and my grandmother had hot peas and corn on the stove fresh out the garden, (if not from the day then certainly the week of.) 

I am kicking off my winter painting series with this oil painting of my grandfather feeding his cows that I am gifting him for Christmas (as I have drawn his name for the 2nd year in a row!)

My upcoming series as a whole will be mostly focused on barns and pastoral scenes. The catch is, I want to paint places that exist beyond google images. I want to paint places that have invigorated, enlivened, and loved my people well. As I have access to a limited number of barns for inspiration, this is where YOU come in! =] feel free to send me photos of your barns and farms ( and if I paint from your photos, you'll get the first shot at purchasing the piece, and I'll send you a print! 


Keep South Africa Farming


South Africa is experiencing one of the worst droughts in recent decades, and already 5 of the 9 South African provinces have been declared disaster areas due to the extreme conditions.

Unfortunately farmers and the animals on farms are suffering the most. The livestock industry has taken a big hit, and as a result all natural grazing has been depleted, leaving animals with no food to eat. Many farmers have had to slaughter entire herds of animals that they have built up over a lifetime or simply leave the cows to die of hunger. 

You can help a farming community, and food security in South Africa by saving a cow. Because South African commercial farmers do not receive state support in the form of subsides, it will cost a farmer $80 to feed a cow for one month in order to keep it alive until the rain comes and the veldt has had time to recover.

The proceeds from your purchase of a "Picante II" cow art print will go directly to the farmers in a town called Verkeerdevlei. It is situated 80km outside of Bloemfontein with a farming community made of up 35 commercial farmers. Thank you for your support in the efforts to keep South Africa farming. For more information, contact with any questions you may have. 


Gotta Get Down on Friday!

Music. It's a constant for me, and a vital part of my creative process. I condensed my latest painting playlist favorites into 10 that I have on repeat. The vibe is a little scattered, but so is my mind when my brushes are groovin' - in no particular order, enjoy... and HAPPY FRIDAY! 


1. Memories of You - Jay McShann

2. Chicago - Sufjan Stevens

3. I Think I'm In Love - Kat Dahlia 

4. Won't You Come Over - Devendra Banhart

5. Higher in the Sun - Nora En Pure

6. Beneath Your Beautiful - Labrinth 

7. Wild Things - Alessia Cara

8. Swept Away - Parra for Cuva 

9. Moonlit Sky - Robin Schultz

10. Easy - John Newman 

Featured Artist at Local Mississippi Boutique

The idea began like most ideas... two dreamers... walking and talking and throwing out endless ideas. Mostly pecking near or around bright ideas, and not hitting them... but pitching ideas nonetheless. 

The day after I moved to New York, my former boss, and wildly successful owner of L.A. Green Boutique was in town visiting for market. Out of her refusal to take the subway, we walked what felt like 2 miles to meet up with another friend for dinner. 

She had just moved her store to a bigger space and while walking and dreaming up beautiful possibilities for her store, I casually suggested she seasonally feature local artists to bring a fresh, more cultured edge to an already fabulous shop. 

Fast forward several months, and I was thrilled to get a phone call from her asking which season I wanted my art featured. In my disbelief I questioned, are you sure my work is interesting enough for something like that? I mean... I had in my mind... like... actual artists... 


The past year for me has been filled with immense self discovery surrounding my art and defining my self-identity as an artist. I am grateful for a type of expression so beautiful that has always been a part of the way I view the world... but growing into that, and truly claiming it has been quite the bumpy ride of complete doubt and complete confidence pin-balling its unpredictable route... such is life, am I right? 

I never realized how vulnerable I would feel last week delivering 30 some odd paintings. I felt like I was dropping my kid off at preschool for the first time, blowing them kisses and begging them to behave...

All in all, I feel extremely blessed to have a wonderful opportunity to share my craft, and my gift that has fueled my depths so much, with so many. 

- I am forever grateful to the same 3.5 people that always have a commission project in mind for me when I return home from my adventures traveling. 

-I'm forever grateful to Lauren Ann for believing in me, giving a platform to share the love, and allowing me to be the featured artist this winter at L.A. Green.

Thank you, for your encouragement and unending support!

Why Jewell?

Many often question why my art is signed with the name "Jewell" and not Savannah. People sometimes joke that I have created some sort of 80's inspired pen name for myself, when in fact my middle name is Jewell. 

My life has been on the right brained path for as long as I can remember. I have always gathered creative inspiration... whether I was painting rainbows on my cassette tape boombox (because black was boring), making hats and purses out of newspaper and magazines, or designing clay scarfs for my clay snowman figurines I made with my grandmother. Somewhere along the way my grandmother suggested I try signing my middle name on the bottom of the clay sculptures.

I don't remember exactly how old I was when I began to sign all of my artwork with "Jewell," but I know my grandmother inspired the idea. With a simple beginning, the name has stuck with me for some time, (as my family lovingly refers to me as Jewell.)

The name Jewell is a special name. A name I seem to identify with when I feel most in touch with myself and my creative roots. My most favorite part of putting the finishing touches on each of my paintings, is to sign my signature, Jewell. 


Savannah Jewell

Music Makes the Madness


Where my music lovers at? I find myself constantly cranking up my current obsessions whether I'm hopping on the subway, running errands, cleaning my apartment, or painting. 

Sometimes music makes it extremely easy to slip into a solid painting headspace (the kind where the inspiration feels endless)... but other times I feel music can totally butcher the good painting vibes. I've compiled a short playlist of a few of my favorite tunes to paint no particular order, enjoy, and HAPPY FRIDAY!

1. Jubel - Klingdale

2. Drive All Night - NEEDTOBREATHE

3 Traveling - Tennis

4. Something Good Can Work - Two Door Cinema Club

5. Michicant - Bon Iver

6. Crossfire - Brandon Flowers

7. Sold - Dan Mangan

8. Samba Vexillographica - Devendra Banhart

9. Paris - Magic Man

10. Gold - Flume Rework - Chet Faker

thank YOU.

Thanks for visiting my website. No. really, thank you!

         This little space has been a work in the making for quite some time, and is a big step for me finding comfort in sharing my art. It's difficult to allow myself to succumb to the vulnerability it takes to see projects like this through. Sometimes I struggle seeing my visions to the end. I'm an artist, after all and my brain jumps on these inspiration surges that bulldoze all my other thoughts (and occasionally my to-do lists) to the point the I feel I can't keep up with my ideas!

      Getting to this point sharing my art has been a journey in itself, but I'm excited to continue to share what is happening with my brushes. Also, I hope to give insight to my inspiration and observations.  I love allowing my travels to seep into my paintings, and I have some wonderfully exciting adventures on the horizon. Keep trekking for news, joys, and fresh inspiration! Thank you for your unending encouragement that has made this particular start to my art journey possible.